2021 Collective Giving Goals


2021 Goal: 125 full voting members for a total of $50, 000 to award to qualifying non-profits in Southeastern Pennsylvania.


Members ratify proposed grants as ``one member, one vote``


$50,000 will be awarded to area non-profits working to foster sustainable change in communities of color.

Benefits of Collective Giving

There are many benefits to collective giving. In addition to multiplying individual gifts to achieve a greater impact, collective giving offers a variety of advantages for donors. Collective giving involves members in deciding what the needs are and where to direct our grants; it enriches the experience for all of us. We can target issues that are important our community. Join us in the collective giving movement and become a member of Black Women Give.

High Level of Engagement

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People support what they help build. As donors decide how to distribute monies and are otherwise involved in the grant making process, they become more attuned to community needs and more invested in outcomes.


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Giving circles maintain independence by not affiliating with any single nonprofit. Donors are free to explore new opportunities and, at times, take a venture capitalist approach.

Strategic Philanthropists

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Donors learn how to achieve significant change together.

Social Connectivity

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Members can choose to volunteer and participate in events together and actively build their community.