Economic Security

The focus of this category is to address challenges stemming from or contributing to poverty and economic insecurity. It seeks to support organizations promoting financial education and asset building programs and services; and to increase the availability of sound financial information and savings programs for individuals, families, and communities of color. We believe economic security and upward mobility can be achieved when low-income individuals with barriers to employment gain the skills and access necessary to secure stable jobs with opportunities for advancement. We believe individuals, families, and communities of color should have equal opportunities to ensure economic security and provide for their future.

Grants will support programs that target the following:

Career Technical Training


Money Management and Investments

Financial Literacy

Home Buying


Credit Repair

Conflict of Interest Disclaimer

Members of the Black Women Give Foundation and  Board of Directors are engaged in many external relationships with other non-profit organizations, government agencies and private sector entities. These relationships do not affect the partnership and grant-making decisions of the Black Women Give Foundation. Members and Board of Directors are bound by a strict conflict of interest policy that is available upon request.