Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness Committee focuses on charitable initiatives that positively impact the mental or physical health and wellness of individuals of color.  Grants in this category seek to promote a positive and sustainable relationship between individuals, families, and communities and their environment. They conserve or enhance open and public spaces, and/or help communities thrive.

Grants will support programs that target the following:

Mental Health Supports

Preventative Health Screening and Awareness

ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

Neighborhood Beautification

Trauma Informed Care & Emotional Wellness


Physical Fitness & Healthy Nutrition

Aging Adult Supportive Services

Conflict of Interest Disclaimer

Members of the Black Women Give Foundation and  Board of Directors are engaged in many external relationships with other non-profit organizations, government agencies and private sector entities. These relationships do not affect the partnership and grant-making decisions of the Black Women Give Foundation. Members and Board of Directors are bound by a strict conflict of interest policy that is available upon request.