The Black Women Give Foundation (BWG) is a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to engage and inspire African American women and girls through philanthropy by collectively funding impactful grants for organizations working to foster positive and sustainable change within underrepresented communities of color.

Why Join?

Social Issues

We focus on making significant impacts to underrepresented communities. Join BWG because you are concerned about the social issues impacting your community.

Power of Collective Giving

By bringing together a diverse group of women, our total contribution has greater impact. Together we are stronger, our financial contribution is greater, and collectively, our impact is deeper.

Participate in Change

If you want to learn about the work of local nonprofits, to become more confident as donors, and to look for opportunities to get involved, join Black Women Give.

Membership Types

Full Voting Member

Have even more impact as a FULL VOTING MEMBER by donating $400 or more.


Diamond Elite Member

Become a Diamond Elite Member by donating $1,000 or more.


Black Tie Club Member

Become a Black Tie Member by donating $400 or more in support and honor of women.


Jewel of BWG

Become a jewel of BWG by donating $399 or less.


Become a Volunteer

Contribute your time and become a volunteer (no donation is required).


Black Tie Club

Although BWG is a female led philanthropic effort, men are welcome to support our efforts by donating to the Black Tie Club. We encourage our men to consider sponsoring women within their network, such as school, church, community or place of employment.

The Black Tie Club was designed for men to make a Special Gift in Honor/Memory of a loved one, friend or colleague. Donations must be $400 or more and Black Tie Club members have the option to designate a woman for membership as a result of their gift. Men who donate under the auspices of the Black Tie Club can attend all BWG public events and also receive special perks at our annual gala, including a “VS Black Tie”.


Become a part of our movement.

The Black Women Give Foundation is 100% volunteer led. We are committed to transparency and inclusiveness in our process and we welcome all levels of membership involvement. If you would like to donate your time or in-kind services to the Black Women Give mission, please contact us at .

In order to achieve our goals, we need your support.


There are numerous in-kind opportunities. Please feel free to contact our office to learn how you or your company can become an in-kind sponsor!

Membership Outreach

Help BWG find members that would love to join our organization!

Writing for Publications

Provide content , copy, blogging etc., for BWG publications.


Volunteer your creative talents and abilities to add value to BWG events!

Signage & Swag

Provide signage, swag, and other marketing items to make the public aware of BWG events.


Volunteer to highlight the work of BWG in your media publications.

Events & Venues

Volunteer your venue/ meeting space for BWG led efforts.

Printing & Copying

Donate printing and copying services to support the distribution of the BWG led initiatives.

Photography & Videography

Provide photography and videography coverage to bring visibility to BWG efforts!

Public Relations/ Social Media Management

Donate your expertise to help guide the efforts of BWG or intern with BWG to help manage social media platforms.

Food & Beverage

Volunteer to highlight the work of BWG in your media publications.