Become a part of our Movement.

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BWG is 100% volunteer led.
In order to achieve our goals we need your support.
There are many opportunities for involvement.

Membership Outreach

Help BWG find members that would love to join our organization!

Events & Venues

Volunteer your venue/ meeting space for BWG led efforts.

Writing for Publications

Provide content , copy, blogging etc., for BWG publications.

Printing & Copying

Donate printing and copying services to support the distribution of the BWG led initiatives.


Volunteer your creative talents and abilities to add value to BWG events!

Photography & Videography

Provide photography and videography coverage to bring visibility to BWG efforts!

Signage & Swag

Provide signage, swag, and other marketing items to make the public aware of BWG events.

Public Relations & Social Media Management

Donate your expertise to help guide the efforts of BWG or intern with BWG to help manage social media platforms.


Volunteer to highlight the work of BWG in your media publications.

Food & Beverage

Provide Food/Beverages to BWG events.

& many more!

Key Volunteers

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Jasmine Mosley


Claudia Oronto-Pratt


Lanesa Cumberbatch


Tashia Walton


Darryl Taylor

Videographer // Photography

Carla Willis


Josephine Figlia

Volunteer // Web Design

Whitney Evans

Volunteer // Web Design